Arxan for Web: JAVA Script Falsification/Modification Prevention (Encryption/Obfuscation)

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Arxan for Web is a solution for protecting every Java Script based web or application that is exposed to various threats. Beyond existing low cost solutions simple replacement, or obfuscation methods, it can provide a self protection and recovery of reverse engineering and code falsification/modification and protect the encryption key, the critical data and communication with the servers API.


Strong Java script obfuscation
Falsification and modification prevention and debugger detection
Easy use and customized protection design supported
I/F suitable for integration into a build system
ES5, ES6, Node.js, Cordova, AngularJS and React.JS supported

Main functions

- Identifier renaming: Changes every symbols meaning to a difficult name, so that it is almost impossible to identify it.
- Text string encryption: Creates text string literal at the time of execution before it is deleted and used in the source, making it difficult to identify it.
- Hiding number constants: Creates every number constant at the time of execution before it is deleted and used, making it difficult to identify it.
- Removal of operands: Replaces number operands or logical operands with equivalent numbers.
- Smoothing control flow: Smoothens the code structure before replacing the inline order of the function.
- Hiding external calls and reference: Hides the externally dependent calls or reference that you cannot change the name of. (API call and etc.)
- Integrity detection: Inserts a checksum integrity check codes near every function for source code falsification detection.
- Debugging detection: Detects and prevents well known debugging tools.
- Minimization and optimization: Removes comments and space and compresses the code to make it difficult to identify it.
Expected outcomes
  • Java Script based every web, mobile and server protected.
  • Supports both On-premise and Cloud methods, facilitating implementation suitable for the company characteristics.
  • Protection against invasions, misuse, illegal actions, stealth and theft of the companys intellectual property and digital asset.
Implementation plans

Arxan for Web supports both Cloud and On-premise methods.

  • - Cloud version

  • - On-premise version