We read the changing ICT trends 

in the hyper-connected era 

and provide customized security solutions

eNsecure provides various security solutions and consulting services through quality R&D along with active partnerships. We are constantly committed to creating a safe and secure environment at home and abroad.

eNsecure Inc.

We have so many smart devices that we can connect, connect, connect and expand to do the things we want, anytime, anywhere. Work efficiency and productivity are getting higher, but businesses are getting more and more dangerous. Cyber attacks have evolved each year, threatening not only financial damage, but also reputation. eNsecure reads the changing security trends in the hyper-connected era and provides customized security solutions for each enterprise.more


| eNgenAUNES

Real-time Fault Prediction & Diagnosis SystemeNgenAUNES monitors performance and failures of enterprise infrastructure, networks and applications in real time. Predict failures and performance degradation issues with monitoring, diagnosis, and analysis 3 steps.

| eNgenIM 

Identity & Access Management SolutioneNgenIM solves the internal/external challenges to managing integrated account privileges for administrators and users. Establish an integrated management permissions for accounts and authority of the internal information system.

| Digital.ai

Application Security SolutionDigital.ai Application Protection Solution provides layered, adaptive application protection to protect the integrity of mobile and web, desktop and server applications.

| Noname Platform

API Security Management PlatformThe Noname API platform proactively protects the API operating environment from API security vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and design flaws. Protect APIs with automated, real-time detection and response based on AI.

| Zimperium 

Mobile Protection PlatformThe Zimperium Mobile Threat Defense platform detects and defends against all-round threats in real-time to business' mobile devices, networks, and applications.


| Comprehensive Information Protection Consulting

Comprehensive information protection consulting blocks unauthorized access, information loss, forgery, and falsification that may occur during the creation, processing, storage, and deletion of information assets. In order to ensure continuity of service provision, it presents the procedures that organizations need to plan, perform, verify, and audit from a managerial, technical, and physical perspective.

| ISMS / ISMS-P Certification Support Consulting

The Information Security Management System (ISMS) is a set of precedents (Best Practices) that help organizations build their own information security framework. ISMS and ISMS-P certified by domestic KISA and international ISO There is ISO27001 to certify.

| Vulnerability Analysis/Evaluation Consulting

Major information and communications management organizations are obliged to establish and implement protection measures to strengthen information protection through annual vulnerability analysis and evaluation.

| Personal Information Protection Consulting

Personal information protection consulting diagnoses security vulnerabilities through work status analysis according to the life cycle of personal information managed by the customer. Establish a personal information protection management system and countermeasures in consideration of relevant industry standards, etc.

| Penetration Testing

Through simulated hacking, we analyze vulnerabilities in servers, networks, and applications in depth. It aims to strengthen security by evaluating the current security level and presenting comprehensive countermeasures and recommendations.

| AWS ECSA Security Assessment

The AWS ProServe (Professional Services) Team and eNsecure form a security consultative body to conduct ECSA (Enhanced Cloud Security Assessment), a security assessment program developed in Korean style for existing AWS users or prospective users.